How To: Do a 45 degree leg press

Do a 45 degree leg press

The 45 degree leg press is a great way to work the muscles of the hip and thigh. You might see 45 degree leg press machine referred to as a "hip sled." This exercise is commonly used as an alternative to the squat. Instructions for the 45 degree leg press are as follows:

First, sit in the leg press seat and position your feet on the platform. Your feet should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart and turned outward. Next, disengage the platform from the rack. Slowly bend your knees to lower the weight. Be sure to allow your knees follow the angle that your feet are pointing. Finally, press the weight back to the starting position, just short of locking your knees. Exhale as you press the weight up.

Step 1
Sit in machine. Disengage platform sled from rack.

Step 2
Slowly lower the platform.

Step 3
Press the weight back up, just short of locking knees. Breathe out.

Do a 45 degree leg press

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