How To: Do a leg press

Do a leg press

Build up your thighs and butt with this simple, effective exercise. Learn how to do a leg press with this how to video.

You Will Need
* A leg press machine

Step 1: Adjust machine
Adjust the machine so that your back rests against the back pad when your legs are extended.

Step 2: Load machine w/ weight
Load the machine with weight.

Step 3: Release weight & lower
With your legs about shoulder width apart, release the weight and slowly lower it until your legs form 90-degree angles.
*Tip: Don't let your legs bend beyond 90 degrees—it's hard on your knees.

Step 4: Push weight back up
Pushing from your hips, press the weight back up, driving from your heels until your legs are extended but not locked at the knee.
*Tip: For an added calf exercise, press up onto your toes.

Step 5: Re-lock the weight
When you are done doing presses, re-lock the weight before standing up. Take it easy — you'll probably be feeling the burn!

The evangelical preacher Pat Robertson claims to have leg-pressed 2,000 pounds, roughly the combined weight of five American black bears.

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