How To: Work out your top abs with stomach exercises

Work out your top abs with stomach exercises

In the video, a physical trainer, namely Daryl Stain, explains Fatloss life style exercises. In the video, he explains an exercise to develop top abs with the most time-efficient body transmission exercises. For the exercise, we need a decline bench and a medicine ball. First, take a decline position, then toss the ball to a partner in a slightly bent position. Catch back the ball from your partner. Keep it behind your neck, and go down slowly. Take a deep breath. Relax a second, and come up bending your body. That will help to increase tension in the abs. Toss the ball back to the partner. Take it back but this time slightly above your forehead, and repeat the first part. The video says it is the most effective exercise Mr. Stain has ever seen.

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