How To: Strengthen your arms with triceps extension exercises using dumbbells

Strengthen your arms with triceps extension exercises using dumbbells

Strengthening your arms takes determination and effort, and one surefire way to get there is by working out your triceps. Triceps extensions are the perfect exercise for those of you with dumbbells at home. It's a great workout to get those dreamy arms and is a basic exercise that isolates the triceps. After doing a couple sets you may start to feel the burn! Lift safety!

Level: Beginner
Muscles: Triceps, Deltoids
Equipment: Dumbbell Weight and Bench

Step 1: You can stand up or sit on a bench for this exercise. It is advisable to use a bench for more support and to prevent back injuries. Start by grabbing a dumbbell weight and positioning it overhead with your hands forming a heart shape grip under the inner plate.

Step 2: Try to keep your arms stable as you slowly lower the dumbbell weight behind your head and neck. Bend at the elbows and flex wrists at the bottom to avoid hitting your neck and head. Lower your arms until they are parallel with the floor and push back up slowly and repeat.

1. You can also try this same exercise with two dumbbell weights. This method may be easier for beginners.
2. To get the weight safely into position, you may want to start out by having a spotter. Another method would be to rest the weight on your thigh. Next push off with your thigh to get the weight into position.

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