How To: Tone your back with speed single cable reverse flys

Tone your back with speed single cable reverse flys

Learn how to do speed single cable reverse flys. Presented by Real Jock Gay Fitness Health & Life.

For this exercise, you'll focus on speed as you work cable reverse flys with a single arm in quick succession. Try not to let go at any point in the set—keep the weight plates from touching between repetitions, so that you go directly from one fly press into the next without letting go of the resistance of the weights.

Muscles Worked
Back (rear deltoids)

Starting Position
Set a single cable at chest height on a cable machine with a single-handle grip attached. Take the handle in your right hand and stand parallel to the direction of the cable (so that you can pull the cable side to side, rather than front to back). Your right arm should extend in front of you at shoulder level, with the palm facing the cable machine.

1. From the starting position, pull your right hand wide in a fast but controlled reverse fly, keeping your arm extended and at shoulder level, until your arm is straight out to the side. Focus on controlled power and speed throughout the movement. Stay very tall and lifted through your upper body, and keep your shoulder blades back and together as you pull.
2. When you arm is straight out and to the side, reverse the motion and, again using a fast but controlled motion, return your arm to the starting position. Without stopping or allowing the weights to touch, immediately begin your next reverse fly repetition.
3. After you have done 12 reverse fly reps with the right arm, turn around and switch the cable handle to your left hand. Extend your left arm in front of you at shoulder level, again with your palm facing the cable's point of origin, and repeat the exercise for 12 fly presses with the left arm.

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