How To: Strengthen your quads with single leg knee extensions

Strengthen your quads with single leg knee extensions

Learn how to do single leg knee extensions. Presented by Real Jock Gay Fitness Health & Life.

These extensions will help you strengthen and bulk up your quads. Important note: Do not do this exercise if you have any knee pain or injuries.

Muscles Worked
Legs (quads)

Starting Position
Sit on a leg extension machine with only one leg behind the resistance bar and the other neutrally to the side. Be sure to keep your center lifted through this exercise—no slouching.

1. From the starting position, use only the one leg to lift the resistance bar until your leg is straight. Maintain the flex in your quads throughout the lift.
2. Reverse direction and return your leg slowly to the starting position, resisting the downward pull of the weight as you do so. Be sure not to let your lower leg come further back than perpendicular to the floor, as this puts too much tension on the tendons around your knee.
3. Do a full set with one leg, and then switch and repeat with the other leg.

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