How To: Practice Gravitron one arm neutral grip pull ups

Practice Gravitron one arm neutral grip pull ups

Learn how to do one arm neutral grip pull ups on a Gravitron machine. Presented by Real Jock Gay Fitness Health & Life.

One-armed pull-ups are hard to do without jerking or dropping—in a word, safely. Here, you'll use a Gravitron machine to assist your lift, and to help you keep your motion consistent (and therefore safe).

Muscles Worked
Back (lats, rhomboids, traps)

Starting Position
Stand on the platform of a Gravitron machine, holding one of the pull-up handgrips in your left hand, with your palm facing inward in a neutral position. Grip the wrist of your left hand with your right hand, or, if you really need the balance assistance, rest your other hand lightly on one of the lower handgrips for balance as picture.

1. From the starting position, bend your left elbow and pull yourself upward in a one-armed pull-up. Your chest should stay lifted and square to the machine, and your shoulder blades should press together as you lift. At the top of your lift, your chin should be just above the level of your hand.
2. From the top of the lift, lower yourself back to the starting position, using your right arm for balance only if necessary.
3. Repeat the pull-up for the recommended number of reps with one arm, and then switch arms and repeat for the recommended number of reps with the other arm.

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