How To: Practice correct tire flipping for Strongman training

Practice correct tire flipping for Strongman training

It is not hard to incorporate Strongman training techniques in your athletes' programs, but you have to make sure the technique is right. Flipping tractor tires is a good and cheap method of training. Unfortunately, it is often practiced incorrectly. This leaves athletes with back problems and pain. Avoid injury while training for StrongMan competitions by following these rules.

Otherwise, the benefit will not outweigh the risks.

Key points:

- Do not deadlift the tire
- Keep arms straight
- Hips back
- Drive through the tire
- Do not deadlift the tire

If you are TOO CLOSE TO THE TIRE when flipping (i.e. deadlifting the tire) when you STAND UP you are in a bad spot and have to wrestle with the tire with your biceps. Also, a more athletic position starts with your hips back (in about a 45deg angle) and driving forward.

The video also demonstrates a quick way to modify a tire to make it easier for younger athletes or for tires with bad tread and low profiles.

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