How To: Lift a heavy object

Lift a heavy object

Save yourself back pain and injury by learning the correct way to pick up heavy objects. Watch this video to learn how to lift a heavy object.

You Will Need

* Common sense
* Good posture
* People to help
* A dolly or mechanical lift

WARNING: If you have a history of back problems, consider asking someone else to lift a heavy object to prevent possible injury.

Step 1. Study the object

Study the object to be moved and check for handles and whether the object is liquid or solid – liquid can shift weight while being lifted.

Step 2. Test weight of object

Stand close to the object and lift one corner, if possible. Determine whether you will be able to lift it without assistance.

Help for lifting might include one or two others or mechanical assistance, such as a dolly or lift.

Step 3. Position yourself

Stand close to the object. Bend your knees and grab the object where you have good handholds.

Keep a straight back and spread your feet shoulder width apart.

Step 4. Lift

Lift slowly with your legs and arms, keeping your back straight and your torso close to the object. Use your abdominal muscles.

Step 5. Finish

Carefully lower the object, following the same precautions. You're done – and your back thanks you for sparing it pain and injury.

FACT: Each year, back problems cost Americans $15 billion.

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