How To: Fix common form mistakes and do deadlifts properly

Fix common form mistakes and do deadlifts properly

Dead lifts have a great corrective capacity when done properly.The dead lifts can be done just by picking weights off the floor or in a smart and meticulous way.When doing dead lifts there is a lot of rotation in the upper arm,and many people or athletes are not doing the dead lifts properly.When you do an external rotation you automatically force extension and that can put you in a great anatomical position for dead lifts.The exercise itself is simple,you have an iron bar,lift it,draw the shoulder blades back together,keep the neck long and look straight.Most of athletes will start shrugging down and probably drop it in few seconds.So as a coach you take 2 fingers put them between the shoulder blades and tell them to draw your fingers together.And as they are holding that bar the shoulder blades will draw your fingers together in the same time holding the bar.This static exercise thrown in at the end of the season can be great and can fix most common mistakes in dead lifts.

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