How to Do a reverse bench press with powerlifting bands

The use of heavy duty resistance bands (also referred to as "Powerlifting Bands") as a strength training aid has become increasingly popular over recent years. The bands are used for accommodating resistance; a technique that involves creating maximal tension throughout a full range of motion.

Typically, a person is stronger at certain point of a lift than they are at others (e.g. half squat vs full squat). To overcome the differentiation in resistance, bands are used to accommodate changes in strength at different phases of the movement. Ultimately, your muscles will have to work harder because of the bands.

This exercise may feel awkward at first due to the change in directional forces. But the reverse band setup will enable you to load the bar with much more weight than you would normally use. As you push the bar off your chest, you will feel a progressive weight increase as the bands return to their resting length.

The following are instructions for performing the reverse bench press with powerlifting bands:

First, anchor the bands to the top frame of a power rack. Once the bands are setup, lie down on a flat bench and disengage the bar from the rack. Slowly lower the bar to the middle/lower portion of your chest. Pause for a second, then push the bar up, just short of locking the elbows. Exhale as you push the weight up. Repeat the exercise as needed.

Step 1
Secure bands to top frame of power rack. Disengage bar from rack.

Step 2
Lower bar to chest. Pause for a second.

Step 3
Press bar up to starting point. Exhale.

Do a reverse bench press with powerlifting bands

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