How To: Do a good morning back exercise

Do a good morning back exercise

Good mornings are used primarily to work the lower back muscles. The hamstrings and gluteus muscles are also involved in the movement.

This exercise is not without controversy. Some maintain that good mornings can lead to lower back injuries. While this might be true in rare instances, good mornings are relatively safe as long as proper technique is maintained, and the load is not unusually heavy to the point that it compromises the integrity of the spine.

Those new to exercise should seek the help of a professional. This exercise is contraindicated if you have pre-existing back issues.

Instructions are as follows:

Set the weighted bar onto your upper back/shoulder area. Position your feet approximately shoulder width apart. Keep your legs locked into position and slightly bend your knees. Slowly bend at the waist until your upper body is about parallel to the floor. Return to the starting position.

As you bend down, it is important to keep your back straight or arched upward. Your chin should always remain slightly forward with the head tilted back. This will help to facilitate proper curvature of the spine.

IMPORTANT: Always begin this exercise with light loads. Or even practice the movement with a broom stick, then progress to higher loads.

Step 1
Place weighted bar on upper back. Place feet shoulder width apart.

Step 2
Keep back straight. Bend at the waist. Chin forward and head tilted back. Do not round the back.

Step 3
Return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise as needed.

Do a good morning back exercise

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